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Students must be willing to accept and appreciate that much of the educational material in this course originates from the personal, first-hand experience of the instructor and the education given by many of her own previous psychic and medium teachers.  This class will give you everything you need to reach any psychic goal.  Additionally, much of the course-coaching is very appropriate for those who desire to develop a career as a professional psychic.

Special Note to Student:  This course is detailed, in depth and will give you everything you need to fully explore the area of psychic and intuitive development and to know more about the subject of divination.  It’s is not a skeleton course of general information.  

MEDITATION is a very important part of a successful outcome in this course and a daily meditation practice–even just 5 to 15 minutes daily–is highly beneficial to the success of the psychic exercises!

Students may also like to consider taking this class with a friend in order to enhance their enjoyment and to increase their benefit from the course work.

Please note that it doesn’t matter how much beforehand knowledge you have about the person to whom you will give your message work.  The psychic practice exercises are designed in such a way that this is not a factor.

Students will be exposed to learning through the stories and shared experiences of the teacher and her teachers before her.  Information is given in both written form and in audio files, as well as through transcripts of radio interviews with well-known psychics, many with PhD’s in this field.

The audio’s are supplemental and while not completely necessary for success, the student should note that listening to the audio’s will greatly enhance the written instructions.

Students should realize that much of the information in both written and audio formats was designed for use with previous classes and therefore may be presented in such a manner; however, this does only adds additional value to the current course.

Students must have at least a high school reading and writing level to feel comfortable and successful.  

Audio’s which accompany this course will be in MP3 format and therefore any sound player (i.e. windows media player), which most computers have, will be all that is required for listening. All audio files can also be downloaded to your computer.

Aside from all of this, the most important requirement is your enthusiastic interest in communicating with higher levels of mind! 



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