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My Expertise

Psychic Medium and  Intuitive Counselor –  SINCE THE LATE 1990’s

Psychic Development Educator – 7 yrs.

​Physical Therapist  -11 yrs

I’ve been teaching Psychic Development online and mentoring students since approximately 2003, and writing a weekly psychic newsletter since approximately 2010. I’ve been giving readings professionally full-time as my main life work since the late 1990’s.  You may link to read the testimonials of students to took the class HERE and the testimonials of my psychic reading clients HERE.

My Education

-Atlantic University Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies

-Center for Metaphysical Studies, Sarasota, FL

​-Physical Therapist Assoc. of Science Degree, AS – BCC

 About Me

My name is Joy Star.    I am a Spiritual Lightworker,   Psychic Medium, Psychic Educator, Soul Astrologer and Instructor.

      My professional life as a Psychic Medium began in the 90’s through a series of very interesting  synchronistic events and circumstances.

       My previous career, aside from being a mother of 3 daughters (and now two grandchildren), was in Physical Therapy.

  Nearly right after I graduated from PT school my interest in metaphysics began.

 The Mind-Body Connection was the starting point.  This lead quite naturally to healing and soul interests opening me to psychic development and now more deeply into soul astrology.

My role as a Psychic Educator began 7 years ago; and I’ve been hosting classes in Psychic Development off and on since then, as well as doing psychic phone (etc) readings on a full time basis from my home in the Appalachian Mountains and elsewhere in North Carolina north of Charlotte.  I miss the mountains dearly but now happily live closer to my children and grandchildren.



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