• Psychic Class has great detail
    Specific Information-- NOT a quick, vague, general course
  •  Read exactly what the course contains
    Online Course features 11 web pages, 11 lessons and 8+ hours of complimentary audio
  • Appropriate for Beginner or Professional Psychic
    Beginning psychic students and working professionals both have said they benefited from Class (see testimonials link below)
  • Learn to connect with Spirit Guides
    Learn to connect with Spirit Guides
  • Methods apply to  Mediumship Work
    Methods apply to Mediumship Work ~ Learn to connect with loved ones who have crossed over
  • Socialization and Mentoring
    Instructor available for mentoring & private groups of student members available for practice and socialization
  • Read Prior Student Testimonials
    Read Prior Student Testimonials

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Everything you need is here!

Welcome to this page, this class, and the potential journey that lies before you. There is quite a bit about the course for you to review.  If you’ve already made up your mind and you’re ready to get started, scroll down to the Enrollment link below.  Otherwise, here’s more information…

I wrote as much about the class as possible in order to help you with your decision about taking the course.  There are descriptions of each lesson.  The course includes 12 webpages and about 8 hours-worth of audio instruction.  In addition, there is a bonus audio page with meditations and bonus audio instructions that are also included with the class.

This is NOT a quick, general or vague course and as you read about the lessons below, that should be fairly evident—there’s lots of specific detail to use and apply right away that will be helpful to both the practicing psychic and someone just getting started in developing their psychic ability.

You can work through the lessons and listen to the audio’s at your leisure anytime 24-hrs a day, 7-days a week.  The course will be available to you for 6 months.  (Individual extensions given upon request.)

Additionally, I will remain with you, and available to you, throughout your journey as a personal mentor via email or phone if necessary.

Most psychics charge a per-hour rate for doing a reading that is higher than this entire course–this fact may be a way to consider the enrollment fee.  I have given this course my “all” including everything that I have learned through my own teachers and from my experiences as a professional psychic since the late 1990’s.

Everything that you will need to know to make the decision to enroll in the class can be found on the links below.

Previous student testimonials are also included for your consideration.

If you find that this course is going to be the next step in your journey, we welcome you with open arms!

Course Features

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Student Testimonials


Course Goals


course materials

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