Libra – Why I disagree with its common associations

Libra sunYesterday (9/22/17) the Sun moved into Libra.  That’s my Sun sign which might give me some license to write about it or at least its what motivates this post today.

Equality and balance are the themes of Libra.  It’s not difficult to understand the ‘as above, so below’ reasoning, for it is now that the days are of equal length.

Now begins the time to plan for the winter months ahead and as more leaves fall and the days get cooler (in this hemisphere anyway),  and as flowers and plants (that are not evergreen) start to die and trees drop their leaves.

In the farming villages, people work together and get along in order to complete the work of harvest.  This is where the Libra archetype connects to relating to others with harmony.

Astrologically, Libra is said to rule the 7th house of relationships.  My personal pet peeve is when astrologers use Libra and the 7th house as a model for gushy, mushy, love that is one-on-one as in love, marriage, and spouse!  That’s the 8th house in my humble opinion.  The 8th house (Pluto/Scorpio) is about merging deeply and it is there we would think of marriage and spouse–if we think of it anywhere.  Not the 7th or Libra.

In my view, Libra is about relating generally and encompasses all relationships, including the village or community.  Please disagree if you’d like; it’s your prerogative.

My 7th house of Libra has Pisces on its cusp and includes some Aquarius so this may explain my attitude about it.

My Libra Sun is in my 2nd house with Moon and Neptune (all in Libra).  The 2nd house is about value and worth and includes survival.  It’s commonly called the house of money because this is what so many people value.  But with Nepute shoulder-to-shoulder with my Moon and Sun in house 2 there, it is spirituality (Neptune) that I value and my spiritual connections (through my work in astrology and in intuitive counseling) is the Libra/relating piece of that 2nd house triple-header. Continue reading

Talking with Your Spirit Guide

Talking with Your Spirit Guide

Universal MindHere’s an example of how it goes (for me anyway).

Are you here — still here? 

It’s a simple question.  I ask it mentally looking up directed toward nothingness that is really everything-ness.  Many people wouldn’t understand this of course.  It’s not my job to convince anyone.

Just making the inquiry opens the door to my awareness.  The mental expansion is instantaneous.  It’s like someone suddenly looking up to the night sky.  Something opens in that person just by viewing the stars–in simply looking up at them.   And when I ask the question “Are you here?” something opens up in me the same way.

Next, my mind searches the everything-ness for the presence of a guide just as someone who looks up at the stars might scan for  the Big Dipper or Orion’s Belt.  Something like that anyway.

I don’t hear a reply to my question.  Not yet .  But I do feel an inhabitance of the atmosphere near me.  It compares to how a person might feel when someone walks up closely behind them, knowing someone is there without the need to look.  Something like that anyway.

“How’s it going?”  I hear that now but we both (or all) know the answer to the question.  The words are just a way to let me know that I was heard.  Its like when you call someone on the phone and it rings and then the ringing stops so you know someone answered. They know that they answered and you do too, yet still, you wait until they say hello before communication really begins.  Something like that anyway.

Then it’s like stepping into a body of water–the pool, a lake or ocean. Swimming in a conglomeration of vast mind and the effect of doing so enhancing your senses all at once– that full expressive experience fills you.  Like going for a swim and submerging in the water.  But you find the concepts, insights and knowing comes easily to you.  Something like that anyway.  


Neptune in aspect to the Sun and/or Moon

Sun NeptuneNeptune is selfless and oneness and dream-land-ness and relates to the area of “it is what it is”-ness.  Neptune relates to a non-ego-less state.   Neptune is sitting pretty right next to my Sun in my own birth chart and maybe this gives me some personal experience to share.  I hope this post will be helpful to others who are grappling with these two astrological giants

One is ego-less (Neptune) and the other (Sun)  is naturally self-oriented and relates to ego. 

We have the personality part of our life on planet Earth (Sun) competing with (by way of a conjuction in my chart–using my chart as an example) the outer realm, all-encompassing planet Neptune.

It’s a total and complete paradox really:  these two trying to harmonize together!

Best to use the world balance–they are to balance with each other, compliment each other:  in other words, integrate.

The Neptune in us (we all have Neptune somewhere in our chart) has the potential of recognizing the illusion of this dimension especially with relation to any boundaries.

The Neptune part of our psyche is capable of getting the cosmic joke, so-to-speak, realizing that everything that we consider so serious in life will, in the end,  not matter thousands of years from now.  Neptune consciousness is capable of understanding no-time, the vastness of the universe and multi-verses and compares that to the ego-personality’s identity with daily life and chuckles at it all saying, “It is what it is and in the end nothing really matters anyway.”

And let’s not forget that Neptune is also associated with (not only psychic and intuitive matters) but also with spirituality (that oneness).  As you will read later that spirituality part mixing with my Sun has been my difficulty.

Anyway, without a Sun and the rest of the chart, all that’s left is a world of emptiness that is also full of potential, yet empty.  Our life is not a total annihilation of all other factions or factors–we have a Sun and other planets.  We have an natural individual identity/ego and we need one here otherwise…

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Astrology Signs that Square Each Other

Square 90°First of all, what is a square in astrology?  It’s an angle that two points (signs, planets, houses) make to one another that are 90° angle or a 270° angle –degrees apart.

Any two points that square one another are said to cause tensions, frustrations and challenges which force choices and growth in some way.  Each house typically represents 30° and there are 12 houses; therefore each wheel represents a total of 360°.



A First Quarter Square (90°) represents a need to break free — the crisis or challenge is in consciousness and relates to departing from the past and moving into future in some way, yet not feeling ready to do it.

A 270° degree square (a Last Quarter Square) signifies action rather than thinking.  The crisis is not in consciousness as much as it is in outer demonstration of the choice that was already made.  A breaking free of cultural norms in some way is the theme; therefore moving into future in this way is the growth point, creating a new foundation.

This post is intended as basic information.  Astrology can be very in depth — one can do farther and farther down the rabbit hole and at each level of depth there will be additional information to integrate the farther one goes.  It’s like the cosmos — space itself — the farther out in space the probe or satellite reaches, the more information it receives about the universe.  Astrology is no different.  So again, this information is very basic.  That said, let’s continue by looking at each sign to see what other sign it squares… Continue reading

The Difference Between the Sun and Moon in Astrology

The Sun is our self-concept or identity–one’s sense of self-hood.  If a person just thought of “self” words such as:
So you can see that the Sun correlates with Ego, right?  And it represents our need for recognition and how one goes about getting that recognition or attention or acknowledgement of the “self”.
The Moon, on the other hand, represents subliminal or less conscious patterns in the psyche.  It’s not ego that we express outwardly like the Sun but rather how you “feel” inwardly.    Sometimes it is instinctual and not conscious at all–meaning that it is the part of a person that there are no words to express, especially for someone who is not in touch with their feeling nature at all.  And let’s face it, lots of people have shut that down purposefully.  Look at soldiers, they are trained to shut that down.  People will often deny or shove down the Moon energy but it shows in the world anyway.  People see the traits of your Moon energy whether you deny them or not.  People will project their Moon energy too–attracting other people who will carry that energy for them.
Your Moon energy is your emotional…

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Moon in Sagittarius

sagittarius2The glyph for Sag is the arrow — the arrow traveling as fast as the speed of light out into the cosmos — exuberance.

The arrow asks, “What is my place in this cosmos? Where am I going?” These are Saggitarian questions.

The gypsy, the student, and the philosopher are three destinies of Sagittarius.

With all three, the mind projects itself outward toward a new horizon [see image above] in order to realize the ultimate meaning of life and find one’s place in the cosmos. Sag sees no clear ending, only the endless process. The search for meaning associated with Sag. energy has to do with expanding the mind and searching for truth–the vision quest.

This kind of travel is associated with Sag, thus the connection to “travel” which connects to the mundane astrologer’s interpretation. Education, travel and expansion of awareness–being open to “foreign” ways of thinking. The Sag energy is also very fond of freedom. Without freedom, how can there be the pursuit of these goals?

Sagittarius searches for the personal god and faith/belief in one’s own ideals. Sag searches for his own god no matter what pressures are brought to bear by consensus society. Sag asks us to determine our own belief and establish our own faith based on our own ideals.

Its no surprise then that Sag is often associated with intuition and the right brain activities of consciousness. Forget what everyone else in society tells you… what do YOU believe? Search for you own personal meaning! That’s what… Continue reading