Audio – Interview

 Audio – Interview 

Disengage Stress, Fear, Anxiety by Knowing the Nature of Reality and Using Other Spiritual  and Every Day Tools
 Interview with Stevie Puckett of Sparks Press fame.

Listen as we discuss tools to use to alleviate stress and anxiety.

lotus image Thought.  Are you thinking  the thought?  Or is ‘IT’ thinking ‘YOU’?

Reality and “what is” can feel really, really real!  Is it real? Yes and no; it’s complicated.

But the short answer is no.  Yeah, but it still hurts anyway and it can feel like a mountain is before you that you don’t have any idea how to negotiate. Go through it?  Over it? Around it?

And, wait…  is that a landslide we’re seeing? Will it bury us!?  Not real?  Sure seems that way, right?  We can get really anxious about it all sometimes. And I know how really frightful and painful that can be.  I know, I really do know. Trust me!  

I’m somebody who has been in that lotus mud really, really deep.

You too?  How did we get there?  We believed our thoughts or someone else’s thoughts or our past thoughts or who knows… but we got attached somehow.  Mud can really slow us down, you know?  And we can get tangled up and it doesn’t take long at all to do it either.

Byron Katie (the great truth teller who essentially teaches Buddhism or  the study of the nature of reality) talks about thoughts thinking themselves.  Watch them; they stop.

But sometimes we just need a moment to disengage, we need  a break!  A retreat!  Of course, if we make a habit of that,  now we’re in a whole new level of mud.

Disengaging is only meant to be temporary.  Taking those pills, overeating that food or drinking that wine–not that kind of disengaging or cover up; of course not.  That’s not being advocated here.

I love the “meeting them halfway” with understanding quote attributed to Katie who said,

“I don’t let go of my thoughts—I meet them with understanding. Then they let go of me.”    I really appreciate her teachings and discussions called THE WORK. 

One way to meet them with understanding is to nurture the self that is harmed by them and another is to (as Katie says) question them because in that questioning process, you actually question the nature of reality, and just the questioning itself loosens the grip that we have on “the story” as she calls it.

The audio above will take you to an interview that I did a few weeks ago where Stevie (Sparks Press) and I  discussed some of these themes.

You are not alone, neither am I; we all go through these up’s and down’s; forgetting momentarily and remembering again.

What helps us remember?  There’s THE WORK by Byron Katie and then various other spiritual tools which we discuss on audio above.

Here’s another little blurb that just came into my inbox today actually (divine timing).  And that (quote below) links to these very same themes about the nature of reality.  Just like Katie says,

“A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but the attachment ‘to’ our thoughts, that causes suffering.”  And that’s Buddhism 101. And many of us know all this but living it in the face of the intensity of life (as it can be sometimes)… well, it helps to have those tools that we talk about on the audio. 


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