Psychic Reading
Note from Joy:  
While it certainly is understood by both you and I that the comments below could very well be fictitious ~ I can only give you my personal assurance of their validity.  My reputation is most important to me as well as my personal vow to work in full integrity. 

I offer these few comments about my work  with pride in my Spirit Guides who have trained me, guided me and encouraged me to continue to assist them to reach you, their beloved charge.

These  are a small, random sampling of the many, many lovely comments that we have received about the work that we do.
Some of the first entries below come from networks, thus the catchy screen names.  

Animated AngelI’ve listened to the tape twice now and parts of it more. It seemed very clear from the start that my paternal grandfather came through mentioning two rings on my finger. One is the diamond engagement ring given to my grandmother by my grandfather on their 50th anniversary. He gave this ring to me and I do have two rings on my finger now. This let’s me know he is aware of the wedding. There is no way you would have known that – if I happen to be a disbeliever! You blew me away!
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…the part about the man smoking the cigar – that was my uncle. He died when I was very young, like you said. Yes! He did blow smoke rings for me and used to tell me that I was the ‘apple of his eye’! The reading gave me a great deal of comfort and provided answers in many other areas. When you described my uncle, I was overcome with emotion. In fact, I have tears in my eyes now.
divider aqua-smallThe reading was truly comforting because I was able to connect with what the spirit world revealed through you and I thank you again. Side 2 of the tape was the wake up call that I needed.
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Thank you so much for the reading. I needed some insights into issues and you gave me plenty of very useful information. I have to tell you that it all rings of truth – totally accurate. You have been extremely helpful. I can’t thank you enough. What a blessing you are in my life.
divider aqua-smallI really enjoy speaking with you. Your accuracy is dead-on and you were able to pick up on things that I did confirm during the phone call, you are truly gifted; Thanks!
Mike2274  03/13/01
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This is a kind and caring psychic who is willing to go the extra mile for those who call her. Full of integrity. I’d recommend her
Drepanda   12/15/00
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She was enlightening – and on target all the way. I felt so calm and peaceful after the reading. Her spirit guides reached mine and gave me incredibly accurate insight and information that she could not have known.
Heltrim  12/18/00
divider purple smallThank you for your insight. I have always felt like I was a healer or should help others. Also for showing me Dareck so I do not make another mistake. I will use you again. You were very helpful to me and reassuring to my future.
Sweet Ivory 29   1/10/01
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Excellent reading from a kind and caring psychic. She told me all the information – I didn’t have to tell her. Soon to be a front page reader.
Little Falcon  3/16/01
The following comments were submitted on a guest book.  If you read far enough down to the end of this page, you will likely agree with me that “enough testimonials are enough testimonials!”  I stopped collecting after a while.  I had to shut down my guestbook anyway (like most people did) because of spammers anyway.   This page should give you a rough idea of my work.


Date: 6/28/2010 10:46:34 PM
To: joystar777@gmail.com
Subject: Testimonial
Dear Joy,
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading on June 15! I’m amazed at how on target your reading was and I’m still processing all the information. I wrote a testimonial for your web site but I don’t know how to enter it. 
I will definitely be calling you again when I need more guidance. 
I hope everything is going very well for you and your family.
Thanks again,
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Joystar is absolutely amazing! She starts a reading with communication she receives before an appointment. The information she received was not only answers to the questions I had written down but she also had answers for questions I wasn’t going to ask. I was astounded by the detailed communication she received. 
I’ve had numerous readings but I’ve never experienced one like hers. She described my emotional state and had answers for questions which I had been asking myself for over 2 months. I wasn’t going to ask these questions because I felt they weren’t “important” enough to discuss. Obviously, my guides/angels felt differently and I’m so happy they did. Since receiving this communication, my anxiety has dissipated and I feel optimistic about the future. It’s like a tremendous load has been taken off my shoulders. It was an incredible reading and I barely had to say anything. Mainly because Joystar’s reading was so accurate that it left me speechless. lol 
I’m so thankful that Joystar has been blessed with such a gift and I highly recommend her. 
divider aqua-smallSaturday, 3/13/10, 3:32 AM
I was truly taken by your reading, you were correct about so many things. I keep on learning the more times I read.
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Jen Tuesday, 2/16/10, 11:11 AM
Thank you Joy for all your help. I have had readings done with others nobody was 100% accurate about me and what is going on in my life. You knew me better than people i deal with daily basis. You have been blessed with a gift to help people in the daily struggles we go through and to understand why we are here and who is here helping us even though we cannot see them. You have a unconditional loving nature and that is a gift in itself. I wish the best for you and hope that you get all the love and blessing that you give to everyone. You are a wonderful person and thank you for all of your help i appreciate it.
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John Monday, 2/8/10, 10:25 AM
Thank you for a very insighful reading. I thoroughly resonated with your comments and as mentioned, your reading validated my feelings current life’s direction. I will make sure my close friends know of your work and look forward to connecting with you in the future!
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  Saturday, 2/6/10, 9:26 AM
Dear Joy, Sai ram! I would like to say a BIG thank you for the amazing reading and your loving advice. You conveyed every message with so much love and reasurance.. I actually felt as if I was listening to the divine mother speak.You put a smile on my face when You mentioned that my spiritual guides were thanking me for helping the children. I volunteered at baba’s school a couple of years ago and I’ve always wondered whether he was happy with my work. I feel that this message confirmed that he was. You also picked up that I’m in the legal profession.Evething you mentioned was 100% accurate, infact I do not remember you saying anything that I did not understand. I had been praying for god to come and answer my questions and I believe that he did through you. You are a maha atma…a great soul and I feel very fortunate to have come in contact with you. If i come across anybody seeking help and guidance I will confidently recommend you. God bless you. With love Puja x
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john palumbo Friday, 2/5/10, 3:16 PM
Thank you Joy for today’s session; I felt very connected to you and your messages were right on, thank you! I have been looking for guidance and affirmation, after today’s session I have found that confirmation, thank you! Sometimes my answers are so close I don’t see them, today was a day when you brought me clarity and supprot! Thank you Dear, I’ll let you know how things develope! Blesings, John
Email: jpalumbo@thbint.com
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Tina aka apreshe8me Friday, 10/16/09, 1:59 PM
thank you Joy for the reading that I received from you today. I am excited about listening to your podcast. Thank you again
mail: cmetmc@yahoo.com
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Ellen Wednesday, 8/12/09, 6:35 AM
Dear Joy, Thank you so much for a wonderful, inspiring and insightful reading. I had my first reading with Joy in 2004 and I continue to be stunned by her gift. Her insights are profound. Readings with Joy have helped me to find the path when I have lost my way. It is always a great experience and I am so grateful to you for sharing your abilities with me. At the end of every reading I am always uplifted and have clear insight into my life. I have also been repeatedly amazed by your accuracy! Thank you again and again. love Ellen
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Friday, 8/7/09, 11:12 AM
Posted with client’s permission: Thank you very much Joy. I feel so lucky to have found you as a resource. This most recent reading read just like a letter from my grandmother. I feel like I can “touchbase” with her anytime I want to. I want you to know that you’ve helped me tremendously over the past two years. What you do is so amazing. You give faith, hope and love (sounds cliche? but its really how I feel). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love, Rebecca
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Jim Saturday, 5/16/09, 8:49 AM
I thought I would let you know I was at your site. I will be reading it later. I am just starting to dive in with both feet in learing my spirit side of life. I want to find out if my gift like everyone’s can grow. I want to meet my spirit guide and guardian Angel. I seem to be driven to do this. Have an awesome day!!!! Jim
Email: jamesfhale@comcast.net
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  Yvonne Thursday, 5/7/09, 11:02 AM
I have to say I have had readings before from others- some good and some not so great-however my recent reading with Joy was the best! It’s very clear she has a special skill-she is so kind & honest with her delivery. I walked away with my spirt lifted!! Joy is AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend her to everyone!
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  Joydeep Basu Wednesday, 4/8/09, 12:52 AM
I am really inspired by reading about Joy through this website. Though I mant to read more about Joy and her writings in details. I am from India, the mystic country of spirituality. I hope my fellow countrymen should alsdo learn more and more about Joy.
Email: bs.jydp@gmail.com
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  Lisa Saturday, 3/21/09, 11:23 AM
Hi Joy, I am curious about developing my abilities…but I am not sure that I am ready right now. My friend recommended your site to me. I like your website very much and it gives me “food for thought”. Lisa
Email: Lshatnawi@aol.com
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  Tanja Bailey Saturday, 9/13/08, 8:01 AM
Hi Joy Thank You for another wonderful reading.
Email: hanoverwolf@yahoo.com
  Tanja Bailey Friday, 7/4/08, 5:57 PM
Dear Joy I just wanted to say “Thank You” again for the wonderful reading. You are an angel. Keep up the good work. You will never know how much you have helped me. Tanja
Email: hanoverwolf@yahoo.com
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  Patricia Pulley Sunday, 4/13/08, 1:10 PM
Dearest Joy, I truly love your website. I honestly try to take the time to read every word you have written; such wisdom and knwoledge. God bless you! I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and your computer is up and running. In love and light, Patricia Pulley
Email: ppulley@ptd.net
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  Gail Saturday, 3/29/08, 12:58 AM
Email: glansing4298@charter.net
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  Saturday, 8/25/07, 12:37 AM
Dear Joy I am very happy with your reading I received. If I heard correctly, you said one or twice: oh, it’s general. I needed an other viewpoint and you gave me one. And know that you did it well. The feeling I am stuck has gone and I am looking forward to the times to come. By the way, my age is 56 and I do feel young. Bless you, Fred
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  Monday, 8/20/07, 2:42 PM
Thank you Joy for the sessions today. I prayed for a miracle and received one. I feel like I got clear on a whole lifetimes worth of issues, all I can say is I feel crystal clear and at peace. Thank your for being such a pure channel of grace in my time of need, I feel as though I was touch by and angel. I highly recommend to anyone in search of Truth. Deep Blessings, Michelle Kania Senior Journey Practitioner I give you permission to use any of the above for a testimonial. I look forward to recieving the audio cassette
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  Stephanie Saturday, 6/16/07, 1:01 PM
Joy,it was such a wonderful experience to speak with you again. It really raises my spirits to receive the messages and to be reminded that there are so many spirits around me and with me at all times! Thank you so much and bless you for being here and assisting me with the challenges placed before me. Stephanie
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Lori (Phoenix) H. Tuesday, 5/29/07, 2:52 AM
Joy is my mother and also my friend. It is hard to remember a time when she was not the “lightworker” as she is now. When she first started her journey, I would take the things that she would say “with a grain of salt”. I did not want to admit that what she said actually made sense. She would say things that were so insightful that it was almost scary. Now it is almost second nature for me to call her and get her advice when I have questions or concerns. Not only do I have the whole “mother/daughter” relationship, but I have come to understand that her spirit guides work with mine to create the solution to my “problems” that really is in the most divine order. For those of you not familiar with a psychic’s work, it is not like you would see on t.v.!! Joy has a way of walking you through the process and making it peaceful for you. She (and her and your spirit guides) use terms that YOU can understand the message. She has a gentle voice that makes the whole process not scary at all. She has been blessed with a WONDERFUL gift! She uses it to bring peace to so many people that it truly astounds me! Thank you, MOM for all that you do! Thank you for all that you have done to bring some peace and harmony into this world! NAMASTE!!
 Entering your email address is optional. :)  WOW!!! Lots of GREAT information!!
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  Charlene Pataky Friday, 5/25/07, 3:59 AM
Joy, It was great to be a part of your psychic class in March/April 2007. It gave me the tools to open up to the greater power within and connect with spirit, while sharing with others. Thank you for sharing your gifts, In Love & Spirit, Charlene
Email: maxiwood@comcast.net
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  Vimla Kaiser Saturday, 3/17/07, 4:20 PM
Dear Joy, OM SAI RAM. I tried to call you but I seem not to get you on the line. I would be glad to hear your voice. I would like to have an appointment so that I can send you payment for Psychic reading which I really need it. With Best Regards and Respect OM SAI RAM Vimla Kaiser Tel: 0049-6151-41175
Email: vimla.kaiser@gmx.de
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  Thursday, 3/8/07, 1:11 PM
In a message dated 3/8/2007 4:08:47 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, villani95@sbcglobal.net writes: Joy Did not know how to input onto the testimonial page but wanted to let you know how wonderful the reading was. You were on the mark about my needing not to take on others responsibilities. Bringing my father through was so unexpected and just what I needed to hear. Thanks Christine (3/8/07)
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 Rita Thacker Sunday, 12/31/06, 2:55 PM
The reading I received today was awesome. As I told you every question I had was answered even before we began the actual reading. I think of all the readings you have done for me this was the one that stands out above all. The beauty was the timing. Had we been able to do the reading as was originally scheduled, it would not have had the validations I was seeking. So, don’t be disturbed by “delays” for they are really not “delays” at all. It is called divine design. What a wonderful way to begin my New Year. Thank you, my dear Joy for you have been a joy to my life and I am so very thankful for having been “led” to you.
Entering your email address is optional. :)  Beautiful
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  Jessica Monday, 12/18/06, 5:23 PM
I’m glad that my first psychic reading was a reading with Joy. It was a very interesting experience; Joy has such a pleasant and peaceful way of delivering messages from spirit, and she certainly delivered some unexpected ones! Some of them were so outrageously unexpected that at this time I find them hard to believe, but I expect to be eating my words a year from now…she knew my boyfriend and our relationship so well that I felt like she was in it with us. And she seemed to know me very well too, explaining things about myself that had been at the back of my mind but I’ve never really taken time to examine them myself. All in all, a great experience! I recommend her to anyone.
Entering your email address is optional. :)  great, informative website
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  Tuesday, 11/28/06, 5:51 AM
Hello Joy Star, Just thought I let you know that I left you a recommendation here: http://www.beliefnet.com/boards/message_list.asp? pageID=2&discussionID=521318&messages_per_page=16&#la stPost Here’s the post from the link, also towards later part of the post is another recommendation from a person (another great testimony perhaps you want to add to your site?). This recommendation is what sparked my interest and helped me to decide to get a reading from you. Here’s the post from the link: malachan 11/28/2006 12:43 AM 30 out of 30 A little over a week ago, I came across a message in this thread by Icarus. In regards to Psychic Joy Star: PsychicJoyStar.com. I never been had reading before in my life and I was highly skeptical. She knew several things about me that nobody else would have known. She even said there was small dog around my aura. About a month ago, my long hair chihuahua who I loved deeply had just passed away. I just wanted to thank Icarus for the post and wanted highly recommend Joy Star if anyone else is interested in a reading. ” Icarus580 7/22/2006 11:45 AM 4 out of 29 I would like to share an experience I just recently had. I decided to consult a psychic who also channels her guides. I was just looking at various psychic pages online and one lady jumped out at me. I was a little nervous because I know there are many fakes on the web. I contacted her and sent her my questions. She mailed me an hour reading. The first part of the reading was channeling and any messages for me and the second part was in relation to my questions. I was a bit worried she would be vague and it would have been a waste of my money. Let me just say she was right on on stuff that she could not have known -specific things – like my specific occupation, what instrument I play, that I was getting ready to propose to my beloved, etc. She also talked about a very specific situation that happened while the tape was in the mail. I am amazed! This has been an encouragement and removed any lingering doubts about channeling and psychic matters. Shining light on my doubts has done a lot for me. I just wanted to share. Icarus”
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  Thursday, 11/16/06, 5:10 PM
In a message dated 11/9/2006 1:47:35 P.M. Eastern > Standard Time, > dawndydoodle@yahoo.com writes: > > Joy, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful > reading. You will never know how much it meant. I > felt > so at peace after it. I wanted more than anything > contact with my Grandma. She was my hero and the > person I looked up to most in life. My best friend > says thanks also. Maybe she can now have some > closure > on her dads death. God Bless You! > Dawn
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  Maribeth Snell Monday, 11/13/06, 4:03 AM
My reading with Joy was a huge source of comfort and inspiration. She is the real deal! Her readings come across with such a sense of humble yet joyful service to her clients. This is a soul that truly walks a path of service in this life to help others and bring in the light for us all.
Email: omkitty2000@yahoo.com
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  Saturday, 10/21/06, 6:03 AM
Joy, I’ve had psychic and astrological readings before, but this time I was searching for a deeper, more meaningful reading. I felt emotionally and spiritually drained, and needed spiritual guidance to continue my efforts. Your session completely took my breath away. I had questions written and prepared, but when you asked if there were questions, you had already answered them. All I could say was, “WOW!” It’s been a month now, and I still feel as enlightened as the day of the consultation. Thank you Joy. Your loving spirit has re-energized mine! Much love to you, Reiko Tom
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Thursday, 9/28/06, 5:02 PM
I just wanted to mention that you truly are the real thing, I’ve spoken to many psychics, tarot readers, channelers and the like and I can honestly say that you are the first one who I felt was honestly in- tune with the higher power. I felt your sincerity and your connection with the angels; you said things to me that I’m still baffled at how you knew that. I could easily talk to you for hours and I feel my life will be all the better for having met you. I appreciate your dedication to the art, you have truly mastered it! –Jennifer
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  Julia Thursday, 9/28/06, 3:13 PM
What an incredible experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Joy’s abilities to sense the essence of why I was seeking her out were amazing. What a special gift. She already knew so much before we even talked. I feel lighter and more at peace.
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  Thursday, 8/3/06, 9:35 PM
In a message dated 8/3/2006 8:25:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, >sethmaterialet@hotmail.com writes: > >I just want to thank you so much for a wonderful reading, and also that >you >answered my follow-up questions! >I just wanted to leave you a little testimonial to tell how satisfied I >am:) > >I`m feeling really satisfied after my reading with Joy! >She gave me much information that I felt I needed to know, some of it I >instantly knew was spot on and I also got a couple of surprises in a >positive way! >So if anybody are seeking for answers, I will surely recommend Joy! >Thank you, Kenneth:) >
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  Thursday, 7/20/06, 6:31 PM
Posting these recent comments, with client’s permission: I wanted to give you some feedback from the reading that you gave me. Let me begin by saying wow! Don’t ever doubt your gift. You began the reading by mentioning that you thought I was a teacher. Yes I am an elementary teacher. You mentioned guitar or harp…an instrument with strings. Towards the end of the reading you mentioned picking it back up if I have not played it. I play the guitar, (even in the classroom) and had not played it for a while because a string broke. You mentioned something significant relationshipwise when I turn 34. I have lived with my partner for 9 years now and have been contemplating asking my partner to marry me. This served as a confirmation to go ahead. I have only one uncle who passed away, my father’s dad -which is the uncle you mentioned. Both of my grandmothers have passed but my mothers mother you mentioned-which is the grandmother I am closest to. Another thing you confirmed, requires a bit of a story. Years ago, I was a strict Baptist fundamentalist. After questioning their beliefs, I was kicked out of my church. As I was trying to heal from my fundamentalist past, I had an experience while meditating of physically seeing a little girl though I knew she was in spirit form, she confirmed her presence through some amazing ways for a friend of mine and myself. Long story short, her name was Innocence. I was hoping to somehow receive a confirmation from you about her. You drew a card that was Innocence and mentioned an innocent child. This was a confirmation. In fact, everything you mentioned has proven accurate. There is one thing I want to verify with my family, that may have something to do with the two brothers you mentioned-as it is something to do with a brother who passed while the tape was being mailed. So it may have to do with the future. I will let you know more when I confirm it. Thank you so much! Jason
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  jessie stone Monday, 4/3/06, 8:59 AM
I really enjoyed this site and found some helpful information. I especially loved the art work, it’s really beautiful and really caught my eye, but then again I’m kind of into the angels thig right now too. I hope to visit again and maybe one day actually be able to order some of the things I saw on the site.
Email: seesah3kids@yahoo.com
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  Silvia Sunday, 3/5/06, 12:40 AM
I’m really amazed at the wonderful email reading that Joy has given me. She did it very quickly and replied to all my questions in detail. The reading started with a message from my guides, talking so accurately about me and my life, as if she knew me since a very long time. From the beginning to the end it has been a very nice reading, and she has given me very useful guidelines, and even instructions to connect with my guides. She also allowed me a follow up reading to clarify the questions that I had after her first email. She’s a beautiful soul and really has a gift to connect with the spirit, I strongly recommend her to everybody. Many thanks, Joy!!
Entering your email address is optional. :)  The website is really beautiful! 
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  Alton W. Martins Saturday, 3/4/06, 10:18 AM
Hi Joy, One of the most awesome and powerful items in the reading we completed recently was hearing that St.Germaine, and Metatron, are also part of my Spirit Guide family, and this made me feel so special and grateful all at the same time. But, this reading that we did was quite overwhelming for me, you spoke of many issues and areas that I had an inkling about, but by sharing and expressing your insights and direction about what has evolved for me and will continue to evolve was truly wonderful. I am so excited about things to come in the very near future, personally and career wise, I truly believe that all my dreams will come to fruition, I have no doubt. Hearing and understanding that my family are well in spirit world was truly comforting for me on many levels, I thank you for making that connection. To hear you share with me some areas that was so direct, clear, and precise was pretty awesome, fascinating, and inspirational all at the same time. I truly believe that everything happens and evolve for a definite reason, and it does not surprise me as to how and why we have connected, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I promise we will most definitely connect once again in the not too distant future. Thank you so much, Joy, Love and Blessings! Alton
Email: martinsa003@hawaii.rr.com
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  ron Friday, 3/3/06, 8:47 PM
its indeed intersting visiting this website. thank you.
Email: ronaldrey_delacueva@yahoo.com
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  Alton W. Martins Monday, 2/13/06, 3:24 PM
Joy: I loved visiting your website, and totally enjoyed reading about you and how it all started for you, I will be contacting you soon for a reading, not exactly sure when or how soon, thanks for sharing! Alton W. Martins
Email: martinsa003@hawaii.rr.com
Entering your email address is optional. :)  Awesome website!
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  R.Snow Thursday, 2/9/06, 11:48 AM
A good intuitive reading inspires and empowers you. A really GREAT reading does all this, but also motivates you to ACT. After my reading with Joy, I not only felt comforted, and deeply reconnected with a crossed over loved one, I took definitive steps to improve my overall well being. I wear more purple and amythist now, and it does have a centering effect. I’ve started taking my vitamin suppliments again. I’ve actually submitted my first fiction story for publication…a leap of faith for someone who never thought they’d never actually be a writer! Often when we give “feedback” about a reading, we say how right on a psychic is. We say how meaningful the reading was to us. It is less common to say what real, concrete changes a reading has made in our lives. But I want to do that here. Joy was not only ‘right on target’…her reading was a re-charge to the batteries that helped me get moving again! Thanks Joy!
Email: rsnow@white-tiger-wellness.com
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  Erin M. Tuesday, 1/24/06, 12:02 AM
I hope this message isn’t too long, but I have to say that Joy is a truly gifted woman! She has a connection to the spirits and angels and intuition like no one I have ever known. I feel so blessed to have come upon her site last year, at a very difficult time in my life when I was desperate for guidance and clarity. I know that it was divine intervention that led me to her! I found Joy at a time when was terribly confused and struggling with my own intuition. I knew that the angels and my spirit guides were trying to communicate with me, but I just couldn’t break through my own barriers and hear them. Joy gave me the pages that broke through…her Psychic Class Manual. From the moment I began to read, I could literally feel the “walls” breaking down. With every page, I became closer and closer to real communication. Because of her manual, I am now aware when and of what the angels and my spirit guides are telling me. Joy and her Manual came into my life last spring, and I can truly say that my life is completely different than it was a year ago. The most important thing that I gained from Joy’s manual is the realization of my life path. I know now that my spirit guides have been trying to gently guide me onto this path since I was five years old. I once thought that the career I dreamed of was only that…an impossible dream. Now it is a reality…it is my career. The angels and my guides led me to Joy’s website literally in the middle of the night so that I could learn from her to finally hear them. It is because of Joy and her Psychic Class Manual that my life is on the path that I once only dreamed of. Joy has given me the ability to communicate with the ones who have always been with me. In fact, I am being asked by them to write something right now… “To every thing there is a season, and to each time a purpose.” How very, very true….I found Joy at the right time in my life. Thank you, Joy! My only regret is that I am not able to give you a great big hug of THANKS!!! God Bless You!
Email: BlueEyez617@aol.com
Entering your email address is optional. :)  The website and music are absolutely beautiful!
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  John Bradford Fenwick (Brad) Monday, 11/28/05, 7:26 PM
Loved the manual….looking for more
Email: texan32958@yahoo.com
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  Michael Wiseman Wednesday, 10/5/05, 9:23 PM
Great meeting you Joy! Please come back by the salon soon — Peace – Love & Happiness
Email: bluetonic66@yahoo.com
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  CLAY STONE Thursday, 9/15/05, 7:05 PM
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  Brian Wednesday, 6/29/05, 9:30 AM
I saw the thing where it said, “RATE THIS SITE” and I had to give it a ten. By looking at your website, I can tell that you are nothing less than ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, TOTALY DEDICATED TO YOUR WORK. Well,,,I better get out of here so we’ll catchya latter. Brian
Email: sixteen11kjv@yahoo.com
Entering your email address is optional. :)  Marvelous
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  Anne-Marie B. Wednesday, 6/29/05, 5:46 AM
Thank you Joy for the reading you did for me. It was right on the nose and validated so many things for me. It helped me and the tape is still helping me when I have difficult times dealing with the memories. Thank you.
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Brian Cooper Monday, 6/27/05, 5:17 AM
Congradulations on a great job you did on your web site. It’s plain to see that you worked very hard and put a lot of time into setting up your website. With all the detial and color, It couldn’t have been eazy.
Email: Teaman_gonebonkers@yahoo.com
Entering your email address is optional. :)  Comments on your website: “FANTASTIC JOB”
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  Nancy Saturday, 6/4/05, 11:19 AM
Thank you Joy for a very peaceful reading. You have such calm and “joyful” energy surrounding you I felt very at ease.I have since validated a few of the things that you shared with me and it has brought a smile to my face knowing that I have old friends who are still around me always. I have shared your site with others and will continue to do so. Thanks again Joy. Love Nancy
  Mary Beth Fishpaw Sunday, 5/8/05, 1:15 AM
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Dear Joy, I have to say that after our reading and then listening to the tape, I felt so overwhelmingly grateful to you. The validation that you gave me about writing my book (you couldn’t have known that and that I was hesitant because I felt it had already been written!) Then when you said that you were like a sacred mirror to me, my spirit soared as I knew this, but to have you recognize this also was so incredible. The things you knew about my precious dog blew me away! The biggie was when you brought my recently departed mom through and she was showing off her dancing ablilites and my dad was watching her proudly. Neither of them allowed themselves to live their dreams while they were here and it imbittered them. It was so comforting to know that they were enjoying what they both loved to do now and appreciating each other at the same time I feel perhaps that they will choose differently in their next “semester in earth school” and follow their dreams. I will say without a doubt that you are the real deal and you are truly a “joy!” I look forward to talking again. God Bless. Mary Beth
Email: mbski123@aol.com
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  Clay Stone Tuesday, 5/3/05, 9:28 AM
Joy, I have not seen your web site for months. I just have my regular bi monthly readings which are of great value for my physical,mental, and spirtual wellness. And your web site is very attractive, well organized, and easy to follow.
Email: cwizard440@wmconnect.com
Entering your email address is optional. :)  Joplin., Mo
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  Sherrie Thursday, 4/21/05, 5:14 PM
WOW! Thank you Joy! I must say you are the best reader I have ever had and I’ve had some BIG FAMOUS ones. You are right on and it is such a blessing that my friend Dawn recommended you to me. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! Sherrie
Email: moondancebellydance@yahoo.com
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  Laurie Scott Thursday, 4/21/05, 1:21 PM
I recently completed your psychic class and also enjoyed a reading. I am truly grateful to you for all the help and encouragement you gave to me and the rest of the class during our sessions. I was able to experience things that I had not thought possible for me. The classes were very relaxed and always very positive and encouraging. I looked forward to them every week and will continue on. Namaste, Laurie
Email: blscott@mydnet.com
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  Angela Thursday, 4/21/05, 12:16 PM
I recently had a reading with Joy and am pleased I did. She had many wonderful insights and after the reading I felt light and peaceful.
divider purple small
  Theresa Saturday, 4/16/05, 12:18 PM
I participated in Joy’s Class and found it to be a perfect way to tap into your intuition and psychic depths. It was a wonderful experience, in which I felt completely comfortable. A Huge THANK YOU! to Joy for putting in so much effort to helping others on their journey :)
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  Vicki Magnuson Sunday, 3/27/05, 8:53 PM
Joy, I have been receiving your wonderful, insightful emails for quite some time now. I just recently was drawn to view your website. In the process of reading, “Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye” by Allison Dubois, watching James Patterson’s Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas and searching through your website (including the wonderful music I must add), I am very emotional right now as I attempt to do all three at the same time. Will send an update when the moon is less full and I have my emotions in check. Thanks for all that you do. You have helped me in many ways and a true blessing in my life. Warm Hearts, Vicki
Email: vm@sweepersystems.com

JB, Los Angeles Sunday, 12/5/04, 6:45 PM

Joy, thanks for an amazing reading. Amazing. You have such a gift and I’m so glad I got to share it. You and I have never met and yet from the minute the channelled messages from Spirit started coming through during our phone reading I was amazed at the comments that came through. I will definitely be doing another reading with you in the future. You have such a loving energy and your reading was so helpful to me at a very stressful time in my life. Thank you.

Don M. Johnson Wednesday, 12/1/04, 10:10 AM

Animated AngelHaving had scores of prior psychic readings from a famous, published, literal “telephone between worlds”, I am thrilled to the core of my being with the content and accuracy of JOYSTAR’S messages from SPIRIT. Communicating with her is truly a joy of astronomical proportions.


Teresa Thursday, 11/4/04, 12:35 PM

Animated AngelSuch a feeling of peace and understanding about some very confusing issues. Joy is a pleasure to talk to and someone that I will call again and again. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Rita Thacker Tuesday, 10/5/04, 3:05 PM

Animated AngelThe confirmation I received today from my very first reading was remarkable and reassuring. The “pestering” thoughts that kept running through my mind and seemed ever present now make sense. I will follow “their” lead more easily now since the reading. Thank you Joy. Rita

S. Wirth Sunday, 9/19/04, 8:48 AM

Animated AngelJoy, Please add this to your comments… sorry it took so long. I’ve been swamped. All I can say is “WOW”!!!! Joy is right on with her readings. She even new about my vacation within 2 days of the reading. She told me I would meet a very important person when I went to Hawaii, and sure enough I did. This was a life changing type of person in which has helped me look at my life in a different and more positive way and I am just soo very grateful for that…. I have been to many psychics, and I must say that overall she has been the most accurate of them all. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She has a great way of know just what to say. Her words are coming straight from the Divine’s mouth… Thank you Joy for choosing this path which has helped me to make better decisions and to see the love in all things. Sherri

Schnandre Wednesday, 9/8/04, 10:20 AM

Animated AngelJoy was wonderful everything that she mentioned was right on the money. It was on jokes. she really gifted and using her gifts to help others. thanks, Schnandre

Carol Saturday, 8/28/04, 11:54 AM

Animated AngelJoy is a caring and gifted psychic who gives her all to every reading she does. She believes wholeheartedly in her work and it shows!

Gail Lansing Thursday, 8/26/04, 10:42 PM

Animated AngelI had my 2nd reading with Joy today and she was as sweet and caring as ever! It was awesome! My Father was already there when I placed the call to her, and she was very right on with the messages. I know I will be calling her again sometime, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Love and Light, Gail

Steve Wednesday, 8/25/04, 9:07 PM

WOW! Is one word that could begin to describe my reading with Joy. I believe Joy had a clear connection with my family. She brought through helpful guidance and reafirmed my own thoughts on important aspects of my life. After listening to the tape, I found it hard to find anything that didn’t relate to me and my family. Thank You Very Much, Stephen

Animated AngelTheresa Tuesday, 8/10/04, 10:03 PM

For one hour I listened to Joy over the phone and was so impressed with her reading. She had a strong connection with spirit for she brought forth the truth. Whom ever she described, she was right on. As a bonus, she unknowingly brought through an answer to a question I had put forth to one of my relatives that is in spirit. Her gentle kindness illuminated throughout the reading. It is obvious she labors for all the right reasons and is an inspiration for all. I would not hesitate to contact Joy again for further guidance.

Cecilia & Michael J. Gallery Sunday, 7/25/04, 11:22 AM

Animated AngelJuly 25, 2004. We were “blessed” to receive a reading from Joy Star on July 8, 2004. Her channel was exceedingly clear and we stopped counting the psychic “hits” at over 100 in an hour. Joy is truly a gifted pschyic, a very blessed child of God. During the hour reading Joy received messages for us from our Spirit Guides, our angelic companions and the tape concluded with a beautiful message from The Holy Spirit! Thank you Joy. Love, light and peace Michael and Cecilia

robyn Tuesday, 7/13/04, 12:36 PM

Animated AngelJoy has a remarkable and uncanny ability to hit things “on the nail” without any other information other than your name! Thank you Joy!

Tracey Tuesday, 7/13/04, 2:26 AM

Animated AngelI have had readings with many readers but Joy has been the most accurate. In addition to her accuracy, she is just a beautiful person…she is very gentle and loving, while being real and honest at the same time. I totally and completely trust her and highly recommend her.

Karen Thursday, 3/18/04, 4:40 AM

Animated AngelJoy, You have a true soul healing gift that brings understanding to the snuffledoodle that life can become! I have had many readings but time with you went way beyond a “reading”. You did not tell me what I wanted to hear, you did not simply reflect my own turmoil, but gave insight at the heart of the issues. Your ability to accurately feel those around us that we share this life with was not only amazing but brought insight and eliminated misconceptions that caused a great deal of turmoil. “You, a person with a vision, are like a pebble in a stream, moving ever outward to infinity, impacting on all who come into contact with the ripple.” Dr. Wayne Dyer Thank you for sharing. You have made a great impact.

K. H. Wednesday, 3/17/04, 11:47 AM

Animated AngelHer channelled information is funneled to you from a panoramic view, and then slowly its details take shape and you then can identify them, possibly true to the core of your being. First, her voice has that quality that makes you identify with her easily — you can tell that it is someone you can trust and open your heart and mind to. Then her words ring true. If she told you that you would go on a vacation overseas, chances are you might already have booked the flight and had your passport all tucked away in your carry-on bag. Joy is that which is suggested by her name — a pure joyful experience given by someone in the higher echelon of the psychic elite.

Animated Angelkara lange Friday, 3/12/04, 11:31 AM

I just had my 2nd reading with Joy. She is a fantastic channel! Every question was answered before it was asked…. Her sweet and genuine nature and her wonderful sense of humor add to the benefit of the readings. Only helpful and uplifting information is given. Thank you Joy for being so beautifully you…

Joy Kinzer Thursday, 3/11/04, 2:40 PM

Animated AngelI recently had a reading with Joy and it was fantastic and so very interesting. I felt she was right on the money with so many of the things she said. She was an absolute “Joy” to talk to and I will definitely be calling her again for another reading. I would recommend Joy to anyone. Joy Kinzer

Dawn Thursday, 3/4/04, 7:24 PM

Animated AngelI had a reading with Joy on Wedneday March 3, 2004. Actually I was to have a reading on Sunday February 29, 2004. But due to an emergency that came up for Joy, she was unable to do it that day. Joy even commented on there must be a reason why it didn’t happen that day. Well we rescheduled for Wednesday and that Tuesday my Aunt Elaine died. I knew that was the reason it didn’t happen that Sunday. We had the reading Wednesday and before I even called Joy my Aunt Elaine was coming through strong. I’ve never spoken to a deceased relative on the otherside so this was a first. I could go on about how great it was but the one thing I came away from it knowing, is that I spoke to my aunt and she was happy! In life her body was severely a hinderance, and on the otherside she was free of her earthly body. I remember her saying things like “I didn’t remember how beautiful the angels are.” And “I didn’t know that it was so near.” (the otherside) That was only a little bit of what she said. But I clung to every word. Thank God I have it on tape. Because I started telling other family members as well as her kids and it was a source of comfort for them. She even had a message for my mother, her sister. My Mother and my Aunt Elaine were the sickliest of all the siblings and when my Aunt Elaine passed my Mother assumed she would be next. My Aunt Elaine told me to tell her to stop thinking like that and she’s not next. I’m still on a high after this reading. Joy has given my family and I a precious gift that words can’t begin to express. I will be making copies of the tape to pass onto all my family members who want to hear their dearly departed mother/sister/aunt/friend. I thank Joy from the bottom of my heart and always will consider her my friend. Love n’ Light Always Joy! Dawn

Gail Lansing Wednesday, 2/25/04, 3:13 PM

Animated AngelJoy was amazing in our reading today! She is so very sweet and caring and makes you feel right at ease. She validated things for me she could not have possibly know for herself. I will definatly talk to her again and recommend her to my friends!

 Dawn Friday, 2/13/04, 2:51 PM

Animated AngelYou know I have to say you are way better than the run of the mill pyschic out there. I’m so awed by your abilities and the love that permeates from you every time we communicate. Love n light!

Julie Thursday, 2/5/04, 12:23 PM

Animated AngelJoy is my sister. She truly has the wonderful gift not only of divination but in understanding the human condition. She has such a gentle and calming nature that just speaking with her can settle any personal storm that may be brewing internally. I feel privileged to have such a close relationship with her eventhough we are so far apart physically. I love you, Joy… your sister Julie.

Stone Wednesday, 2/4/04, 9:50 PM

Animated AngelI have many readings from Joy. I found out that she is bringing the master teachers to me that want to help guide me through this encarnation. We only have to listen to thier messages, and apply that wisdom to our every day life.


Animated AngelPam Wednesday, 2/4/04, 6:42 AM

Joy is my mom and I am proud to say that! She is very accurate and even “wow”s me at times. I always go to her for advice…not only because “mom knows best” but because she can tune into my guides and advise me on a spiritual level as well. She has definetly changed a lot about herself from when my sisters and I were growing up and I think the choices she has made has brought all of us closer to her! Thank you mom for all that you do for me and all that you do for so many others! I love you!

Kara Wednesday, 2/4/04, 5:10 AM

 Animated AngelI have had the pleasure of having readings with Joy for over a year now. She is fantastic. I would highly recommend her to everyone. I always feel very uplifted when I speak with her. She is delightful! Her readings are unique. They really answer all your questions, and the guidance is right on. I am grateful to have found someone who is honest, caring, compassionate, accurate and wonderful. I highly recommend Joy.


Animated AngelI appreciated Joy’s genuine caring energy. She pours forth the gifts of Spirit as given to her with love. The information she gave held many useful very practical tools for my continued growth and development. She is a clear channel for higher energies to come forth .

January 6th 2004  11:26:50 AM

What is your name? 

Glenn Klausner

What is the Title of your Web Site:  www.GlennKlausner.com

Glenn Klausner- Psychic Medium

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelAs a psychic medium, I very impressed with Joy’s reading. Her kindness, gentleness and sincerity shows in her work. Her connection to spirit guides is remarkable. A lot of the things Joy told me were without a doubt very accurate about the people in my life as well as her describing my own personality. I look forward to having another reading with her in the future. She is an Angel in the flesh and her insightful gift is very helpful for those who need clarity.Peace, Love & Blessings to you Joy,  Glenn

Website:  www.GlennKlausner.com     

January 1st 200  11:21:23 AM

What is your name? Tonya

How did you find this Web Site?   I can’t remember but I’m glad I found this site!

Where are you from?  Texas!

Do you have any comments? 

Animated Angel  Joy is amazing and I will continue to consult her and trust her advice!! I’ve had 2 readings from Joy and my mother has had one. These readings were so accurate and so helpful that I couldn’t even believe it. I would have to write a book if I literally wanted to list all the things I could confirm that have already happened (that she predicted) or the points she hit on regaurding my personality and what my life path is to be.

In my latest reading she brought through a dear friend who passed this fall and confirmed some signs that I had already received from him and she brought some very valuable messages through from him that have helped me with my grieving. She also gave me some wonderful info. about another death (a teacher of my daughter’s) who’s death was a mystery in a sense. The info. she gave me as to what she felt happened makes perfect sense and has helped me to move on from that death as well.

I highly recommend Joy because not only is she very accurate, she is very caring and you can feel that in her readings. You feel as if you are getting loving advice from your own mother, aunt or sister…or dear friend. Joy’s voice is also very comforting and reassuring.

I thank God that I’ve met Joyce through the internet and think her gifts will take her far. She has a very healing way about her.

Thanks Joy for everything!!!!!


Tonya G.

December 7th 2003  10:28:44 PM

What is your name?   Sharon

How did you find this Web Site?  referred by a friend

Where are you from?  Ohio

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelJoy is a kind and compassionate person who truly cares about her clients. She “went the extra mile” to insure that I had the best reading possible and in so doing, proved to me that there really are good people out there. I thank God for leading me to her. God Bless you Joy, and thank you again

November 29th 2003  10:32:32 PM

What is your name?  Carol

How did you find this Web Site? Internet search

Where are you from?   Ohio

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelThank you, Joy, for your caring way and for conveying messages to me from the man I love who has passed on. Only another who has lost someone so close to them could truly understand how much this reading meant to me! May you always be blessed.

November 17th 2003  12:58:51 PM

What is your name?  Justine

How did you find this Web Site?  I feel I was led to it – I happily came across it.

Where are you from?   Outside London

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI can recommend Joy wholeheartedly. Joy is a very special psychic councellor/medium because she has a crystal clear connection with Spirit, and that is combined with the highest personal integrity and loving care.

Since confiding with Joy – and only Joy – with problems

that have affected me all my life, I am now finally free

of them. Thank you Joy!

November 16th 2003  11:46:08 AM

What is your name? Bobbie

How did you find this Web Site? Return visit

Where are you from?  Victorville, CA

Do you have any comments? 

What a joy! Tremendous amount of accurate hits. She uplifted my spirits and added cement to my faith. Joy is such a pleasure. Look forward to returning!

November 8th 2003

11:13:20 AM

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelReceived my tape and feel absolutely shed of emotional weight. Joy is marvelous! I can’t explain the elation I felt at hearing from my father for the first time ever–he crossed over when I was 6 mos. old. My father’s messages were validated by my mother since I had no knowledge of his time here. I knew the cause of his crossing over and Joy relayed this information to me precisely. God Bless you Joy! Thank you for the information on our “serious situation”. I know what your messages mean for us. I will contact you again soon.

October 17th 2003

10:48:45 PM

What is your name? 


How did you find this Web Site?   Selecting for Internet from Spain

Where are you from?   SPAIN (Galicia)

Do you have any comments?   

Animated AngelI must be is honest and humble.

I was expecting to know on certain angelic experiences with my good Guides of life, and with the activity that always accompanied me from child: The Photography.

But I did not tell anything to Mss Joy, only I said that would like to work this area at some steals, and mentioned to her other existential problems ahead. They know that Mss Joy spent (passed) 95 % to me spiritual information only known for my?

She did not know that I saw “Them”. She was transmitting technologies image to me that I am studying!

How she knows my photographic technologies of the Spirit with the Ocean Atlantic separating so much?

I did not know if my anxiety was supplanting my reality. It is not easy something like that to experiment on the beginning.

Everything is who wins us always. And always is persons who suffer more to deserve … to see for the lock to the Sky.

TheMss. Joy also confirms in his Reading that They know everything, which they surround us constant – I confirm-

… In that wonderful Light one recognizes the Home! It is so much kindness! They go with You. Always.

They love without conditions.

This life is very brief. The curriculum that is going to request the Sky will be how many good actions do for the others…

For You Sra. Joy still my gratefulness, and always I will remember it. And if the life grants the opportunity to me from now on

To mention this fact, with his permission, therefore I will do it.

They wish that they know all, like Mr R. Zimmerman says: < < The death is not the end > >.

Bendiciónes of God.

Camilo Germade – SPAIN 

October 14th 2003  12:04:05 AM

What is your name? Robin

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI am a soldier in Iraq at this time and Joy has helped me a lot. Not just with questions like “When am I going home?” but with keeping myself focused on my job and feeling that my family is OK while I am here. She has been a great comfort and I would recomment to anyone that they speak with her. Thanks Joy!

October 10th 2003  11:53:12 AM

What is your name?  Lynn

Where are you from?  Virginia

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelThanks for my reading. I felt that there were areas in my past that were not clear. The reading very well illuminated those issues. I look forward to receiving my tape because I know that I will learn even more when I listen to that. Thanks again, Joy, you did a beautiful job.

July 29th 2003  10:22:51 AM

What is your name?   April

Where are you from?   PA

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelThat was a terrific reading you gave me a little while ago! There is so much to mull over. Your words gave me great encouragment about my life and health issues, as well as hopeful words about my kids’ future paths. I’m looking forward to me next session with you. Meanwhile, the tape is wonderful. I seem to get more information that makes sense each time I rpelay it. The Life Purpose information you sent by e-mail is truly outstanding. So accurate! I’m still digesting it. I recommend that everyone order one. Love and blessings, April

July 13th 2003  01:57:03 PM

What is your name?   Heather

Where are you from?  PA

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelFinally found my way here, Joy! Your readings have been a blessing to me and to my family (especially my daughter) over the last 3 years; they have helped me to put things into perspective, to practice patience and acceptance, and to learn to release. I can’t get over how consistently accurate the readings have been and how valuable the insights from the Spirit World and you have been. More than you know, your work on my behalf has been a lifeline for me and those I love. Love and blessings to you always for the wonderful service you offer! Heather

July 1st 2003  04:22:53 PM

What is your name?  Kara

Where are you from? Lansing

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelA reading with Joy is always a delight. It is a gift that I choose to give myself. I recently spoke with her and within the first 10 minutes she accurately described some situations I am facing. The guidance provided by her Spirit Guides and Angels is truely inspirational. I recently got my tape and listened to it this morning. I was impressed. Having a tape of our session is such a blessing, I can refer to it when I need to. I am so grateful to have found this wonderful woman. She lives up to her name. I highly recommend her readings to everyone!

June 18th 2003  06:52:42 AM

What is your name? Darlene

How did you find this Web Site?   Spirit placed Joy in my life path

Where are you from?   South Carolina

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI have just had another EXCELLENT reading from Joy. She has no idea that she sends goosebumps all over me with the things she passes on. There is no way that she could know these things to say to me, except that she is TRULY connected to the Higher Powers in this universe. She has been placed here for our greater good and I, for one, intend to make good use of her gift. Thank you, Joy, for being available to mend my broken heart. Without your channeling for me, I know that I would not have had the heart to enjoy life this long. You gave me a new lease on life, never doubt it!! I lift you up in my prayers. Thank you for the Light work that you do!!

If you need guidance, if you have a love that has crossed and would like to reconnect……call Joy. She is a Godsend for us in this world!! She is here to help ALL of us and your life will never be the same!!

Love 2 U, Joy!  Walk in the Light!!

May 30th 2003  08:29:21 PM

What is your name? Tonya

How did you find this Web Site?   I’m sure my spirit guide led me to Joy’s site (-:

Where are you from? Texas

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelJoy sent me my taped reading around the end of April and I still am so amazed and overwhelmed at all the information she gave me.

Joy has such a caring, comforting voice and I felt like I was visiting with a friend as I listened to her taped message to me.

I immediately recognized people she brought through for me….family friends, my best high school friend, my grandmothers….a great grandfather I was never able to meet ANd she brought through my husband’s father with some wonderful messages for my husband.

To this day, I’m STILL getting positive confirmations from the info. she was able to relay to me.

She also gave me a wonderful life path type of reading and she described me so well that I’m still sitting here amazed.

The info. she gave me is really helping me move forward with my life and to pursue things I’d neglected or procrastinated on.

I’ve had many readings before with different gifted people, and I can truly recommend Joy very highly.

Not only is she extremely gifted and accurate and helpful, but the manner in which she reads is very natural and comforting….almost like a caring mother figure passing on her wisdom. I’ll definitly stay in touch with Joy and will recommend her to anyone looking for an honest, caring psychically gifted person to read for them.

Thank you Joy! I’m going to listen to my tapes AGAIN tonight because I had yet ANOTHER confirmation of some info. you gave me (today).

Love,  Tonya

May 24th 2003  09:03:33 AM

What is your name?  Judy

Where are you from?  Burnsville, NC

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI have had two readings from Joy and each time she has been right on the mark. It may take a little while for things to unfold or it may happen quickly. Our guides work on their time line not ours and remember to stay positive!

May 14th 2003  12:01:56 PM

What is your name? gayle

How did you find this Web Site?  through joy’s web site

Where are you from? bakersville, nc

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI always get the information I need from Joy.

April 8th 2003  09:38:47 PM

What is your name?   Lisa

Where are you from?   Texas

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelAbsolutely gifted, loving, accurate, eerily wonderful. Any skeptics out there will believe after a Joy-ous reading. Thank you does no justice to the wealth of information delivered in sweet, soothing, heartwarming style. May you continue to do all that you do so remarkably well. xxxooo

April 8th 2003  12:21:13 PM

What is your name?   Darlene

Where are you from? SC

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelJust a note to you, Joy, to say thank you for my latest reading!! Everything is working out so much better in my life now that you have put me in touch with my son and my spirit guides. You have helped me in many ways and enabled me to help myself. I thank God for you!! I only wish that everyone could know the peace that comes from communicating with loved ones on the other side. As you say……when the STUDENT is ready, the teacher will appear. Some things just can’t be hurried. Love 2 U, Joy!

March 20th 2003  05:24:33 AM

What is your name?  Kara

Where are you from?   Michigan

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI had a session with Joy last night and as usual I got off the phone amazed, comforted and at peace with the information. I am in the process of making many decision in my life and all of my concerns, and fears were addressed in the first part of the session. It is always great to work with Joy because she understands, and the answers come through even before you ask. In these uncertain times in which we live, our spiritual life is more important than ever and I highly recommend Joy to all. A session with her will uplift, inspire and gently guide you to all the answers and direction you seek! 

March 3rd 2003  01:09:37 PM

What is your name?   Rod Versluys

How did you find this Web Site?   Through a Search Engine

Where are you from? England

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI have used the services of Joy Star at another web site before she set up her own. I am so pleased to have found her, she is the best. Her readings are so spot on, it is nice to have confirmation of what one already knows in ones heart.I will be back time and time again. Best of Luck to you all in whatever you are searching for.

December 30th 2002  05:19:56 AM

What is your name?   Kara

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelYesterday I spoke with Joy and she put my mind at ease. The first part of the reading answered almost all of my questions. I was amazed at how she tuned into what was happening in my life, before I even said a word. Her insight, guidance, and advice is wonderful. Her presence is very uplifting and comforting. She is a pleasure to work with and I know I will definitely be calling her again! 

October 29th 2002  03:30:03 PM

What is your name?  Darlene

Where are you from? 

South Carolina  Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI was drowning in absolute pain and despair over the suicide (in January 2002) of my only child. Guilt over what I should have done, could have done, would have done was taking over my life. I always sobbed “If I could only talk to Adam!!” He was the only one who could give me peace. I was directed to Joy by another angel in my life. I was sobbing before I could make the call. That call to Joy changed the rest of my life. She put me in touch with my son and through her he gave me such love and peace. My heart soars now at the thought of speaking with him again through Joy!! Many people tried to help me with my feelings about this death. Until Joy, there was nothing anyone could do. This is indeed a gift that she has. I thank God every day for blessings in my life, now there is one more on the list!! Forever LOVE and THANKS to you, Joy!!

September 7th 2002  07:10:48 AM

What is your name?   Shekinah

Where are you from?  Paradise

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelIf you have been Divinely-directed to this site for answers, then you should thank your guides and angels right now, for Joy is the most talented psychic I have ever known. She is a Cherubim angel, in disguise, who has come to serve humanity in a most unique way. Her angelic voice will melt your heart, and her readings will astound you with their accuracy. God has, indeed, blessed me with Joy’s friendship, and in getting answers to questions that seem difficult to obtain on my own. We are all here to serve each other, for the good of The Whole, and nobody embodies this trait more than Joy. Order a reading from her now…it’s the best move you will make today. May you find The Peace That Passeth All Understanding.

August 21st 2002  07:11:23 PM

What is your name?  Edie Feiste

How did you find this Web Site?   Joy’s e-mail address was listed in a newsletter I received, along with the comment that she was known to do truly great readings. When I inquired about a reading, I learned about the website.

Where are you from? Clarendon Hills, IL (Chicago suburb)

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI scheduled a phone reading with Joy for July 29, and she received the message immediately from my spirit guides that I had a lot of questions…which was very true…and I knew right away that Joy would be able to bring through many of the answers that I was seeking. I had been asking my spirit helpers for some time to guide me to someone who could help me communicate with them…and they most certainly led me to Joy. I received a wealth of information regarding many subjects…and will definitely stay in contact with Joy so that my guides can continue to help me. Joy’s love and compassion could be felt immediately…and her ability to convey to me the information she was receiving was awesome. What a wonderful blessing she is! THANK YOU, JOY!

August 6th 2002  11:28:46 AM

What is your name? Lola Fortier

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI had a telephone reading from Joy on sunday. I had been searching for some direction to some very specific questions in my life & Joy’s name appeared on a email correspondece I received from a friend so I called her & made an appointment. She was so clear in her reading of my situation with my 12 year old son who needs a kidney transplant & issues surrounding it. Everything she said just seemed to make sense & flow into place. I could feel what a loving space she was coming from in her entire reading. When the reading was complete I felt such a peace, new found direction & clairty. I am so thankful she came into my life to help me @ this time. I highly recommend her as a spritual counselor & will be asking for her assistance in the future. Lola F

April 5th 2002  12:11:33 PM

What is your name?   Sheila

Where are you from?   Illinois

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI contacted Joy a few days ago and had a reading done by e-mail. I had specific questions in mind and never did I expect what was about to unfold! My son passed over 8 years ago and I was able to receive messages from him through Matthew (Suzanne’s son who had passed over 14 years ago ?) She wrote the book “Matthew Tell me about Heaven” Now Joy did not know this, but when she opened herself for my son to communicate she got the name Matthew right away. Of course Joy had no clue why she kept receiving the name Matthew when she felt very strong that my son was the one sending the messages. I will add an reply from Suzanne W when she asked her son if it was he who helped open the door for my son again thru Joy:

Below is a cut & paste of part of the reply Suzy sent back to me:

“But hearing about this certainly is a great surprise! I checked in with Matthew to see what he had to say, and he confirmed that he was “the facilitator in connecting the son with the receiver.” He said he only introduced himself in that capacity, and the information that followed was from Jamison, as far as he knew, but he “didn’t stick around to eavesdrop once the frequency connection was established so it’s possible that other souls also wanted to get on the bandwagon and did.”

This and so much more convinced me for the first time that I can move on with my life and be happy for my son especially if he’s hanging with Matthew (ha) Of course Joy also contacted my guides to give me direction on my finances and Love and Health, but what I will never forget are all the messages my son sent to me that proved it was he who was giving me the advice and told us what it was like for him when he passed over. Thanks to Joy for releasing me from myself. In fact I even told her I wanted to keep her on retainer forever….

March 28th 2002  06:28:09 AM

What is your name?   Donna

What is the Title of your Web Site:   Katkraze Persians

How did you find this Web Site? Searching

Where are you from?  Massachusetts

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI found you on the web and I’m very happy that I did. I found quite a lot of psychics but for some reason I was attracted to you. I must have been helped by my own Spirit Guide! I feel that you are very good at what you do, you help to give peace to those who contact you, with your insight. My reading was excellent and I can’t wait to recieve the tape. You were right on about everything that you told me. Many thanks and I will be back in touch. God Bless, Donna

March 16th 2002  08:51:08 AM

What is your name?   Robin

How did you find this Web Site? JOY

Where are you from? OREGON

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelJoy, you were one of the first souls that help me to keep my spirits up through very hard times. And told me I could all so work in the light. You were the first to do a reading for me. Your reading was right on, most of it has come to pass and some of it is on the way. I love you very much ,we will be friends forever. I am all ways there for you, you are never alone, you are always safe.

Any one who looks to you for a reading can not go wrong. You truly are a gift to this world.

Keep in touch , I know we are far away from each other, but in spirit we are together. Take good care of your self my dear friend.   Robin

February 7th 2002  06:20:56 PM

What is your name?  Donna Lou

How did you find this Web Site? surfing/devine guidance

Where are you from? Bellevue, WA

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelJoy:  As you know, you have been reading/helping me for the past 2 years…..You have been amazingly insightful and correct in your readings/predictions for me. You have confirmed my beliefs…..gained thru experiences I encountered after the death of my true soulmate almost 3 years ago.

As an example: In December, I asked you if my new husband would find another job…..Your answer was that he would indeed find another job and that this year (2002) would be better than the last $$ wise. You also questioned about my own employment and suggested that a “man influential with money” would affect me in a monetary/positive way. Well, I had not mentioned to you that I had also “lost” my job in December…..but you picked up on it right away…..and that I had somehow brought on this job loss…..and that there was actually a “celebration” surrounding its loss. You could not have been more CORRECT!! I hated the job….tho it paid well…..and 6 weeks later I was called out of the “blue” by an old friend of 21 years who, indeed, is VERY wealthy…..offering me a job as a personal assistant. It seems he found out his assistant of 9 years was giving her resignation…..the VERY day he found out I had lost my job!!! “There are no coincidences in life.” My husband has also found another job he is very happy with!

You have helped me thru troubled times with my two children….which is ongoing….and have always seen correctly what was about to unfold.

In addition, you have from time-to-time, connnected me with loved ones passed on…with very concrete information as to who they were, and have confirmed to me that they ARE still with me in energy/spirit. JOHN EDWARDS….you have competitiion!!!

Joy, I love you and appreciate you each day. You deserve all the best this Life has to offer.

Donna W. aka “Lulu”

February 7th 2002  04:44:16 AM

What is your name?  Paul Morgan

How did you find this Web Site?   The spirits brought me here (surfing)

Where are you from?   Sheffield England

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelWhat can I say, Joy you turned my dark confusion into bright light understanding,your kindness and wonderful talents have helped me to become a better medium. With out your excellent advice and energy, I would still be floundering, I can sincerely recommend anyone who needs guidance towards channeling the light to come to you.  Thank you again Joy,

Blessings light and love,  Paul

February 4th 2002  12:56:31 PM

What is your name?   Holly

How did you find this Web Site?   A friend’s recommendation

Where are you from?   Virginia

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelImmediately upon hearing Joy’s voice, I felt her sense of peace come through the phone. Upon ending the reading, I had a good sense of direction – I was clear on what I needed to do for myself to achieve certain spiritual aspects in my life. I felt I’d been guided in a very safe and positive direction.

I also found out a couple of things which surprised me. Only time will tell if they come true.

I got a good reading and a good feeling from Joy during our interaction.


December 23rd 2001  10:44:50 PM

What is your name?   Roxanne

Where are you from?   The East Coast, reside in Minnesota for the last 21yrs

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelI have met some very interesting people in my life-time, but none like Joy. She has given me courage to move ahead, advice, when I thought I have heard it all, and friendship, when I felt alone. Her insight and wisdom has helped me through some of the toughest times that I believed I would never get through. Yet with her patience and love, I now feel that I am moving in the right direction, for the first time in my life. I can truly call her friend.

Thank you Joy for being there for me.

August 18th 2001  06:52:57 PM

What is your name?   Trish

 How did you find this Web Site? Joy is my mentor

Where are you from?  Austin, Texas

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelJoy is an absolute gift, and an excellent medium, she resonates at very loving, high, rate. Any reading you get from her will be a treasure.

 July 26th 2001  08:13:12 AM

What is your name?  Keith Myers

Where are you from?   Mars probably.

Do you have any comments? 

Hey Joystar!

Good to see you are busy and up and running again doing what you see as help for others (and yourself!). Peace Sister-Keith

July 5th 2001

09:00:51 AM

What is your name? 


What is the Title of your Web Site: 

Numerology On Tape

A Description of your Web Site: 

Numerology Reading recorded on cassette tape

How did you find this Web Site? 

Joy invited me to view it

Where are you from? 

Outside this Universe

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelCongratulations on a beautiful website, Joy. I wish you Love, Light, Joy, Harmony, and The Peace That Passeth All Understanding. I want to tell anyone who is visiting this site that Joy is one of the most accurate readers that you will ever come across. If you choose not to get a reading from her, you will be doing yourself a great diservice. Order a reading from her…RIGHT NOW…and you will be blessed with her insights. Selah

July 4th 2001  04:19:43 PM

What is your name?  Joy

Where are you from?  New York

Do you have any comments? 

Animated AngelJoy, I, too, was thinking about you just yesterday, and today, I see your new web site. Congratulations, and I will share it with other people. For those who are reading this, please know that Joy is an ACCURATE medium who has helped me last year, and I loved it! I would recommend her to anyone, and you will be very pleased with the results!

Love Always,  Joy M.


If you’ve read down this far, you will agree that enough testimonials are enough testimonials!

Once I shut down the guestbook due to spam, I’ve simply continued with doing the work continuously ever since.

It is now 2014.

I started to collect testimonials around the year 2000 or 2001 approximately,  but I was doing the work even before then.

Now I add Psychic-Astro Soul Astrology Readings to my services as well as the existing Psychic Development Class.  The astrology class is coming soon!

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