About Me

My name is Joy and I currently live in Mooresville, North Carolina although I was born in Pennsylvania.  I moved in (2011)  from my beloved North Carolina Appalachian Mountains where I lived for nearly 15 years to be closer to my family– 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  I have been a professional psychic medium for approximately 13 years after  leaving a medical profession as a physical therapist.  After giving psychic readings for a good many years since and studying with psychic mentors, I began offering a Psychic Development Class Online which is currently available 24 hours a day.

I’ve have always also been interested in astrology and my study of the subject was on and off for a good number of years being self-taught through books until eventually I became certified with the Kim Marie Evolutionary Astrology Network and the Jeffrey Green Method of Evolutionary Astrology.  Past life and soul astrology are my particular astrological interest.  I always marvel at the insights that a natal chart can provide!  Using intuition and astrology together results in a very profound and exciting tool for helping people incorporate  self-healing and self-understanding onto their life paths and for the purpose of self-validation and spiritual evolution.


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